The Complete Guide to FinOps

Supporting the business need to modernize communication and procurement practices, to maximize the agility and cost benefits of cloud migration.

This eBook is free to download and helps to explain what FinOps is, why you should consider it and how to implement agile cloud governance and commercial practices within your organisation. Key take-aways include:

  • Why we need FinOps
  • How to bring together stakeholders
  • How to structure your FinOps team
  • FinOps in practice

If you’d like to discuss any cloud challenges or questions then please feel free to contact Vitado’s expert team who will be more than happy to help.

Vitado offer cloud management services and an innovative multi-Cloud optimization solution, available for demo now; Simply contact us for more information:

  • Multi-Cloud Discovery & Inventory – centralized visibility of all Cloud resources
  • Cloud Governance – helps to define standards, processes & measure if you have effective control
  • Utilization – the data you need to make sure investments are in the ‘best-fit’ infrastructure
  • Cost Management – Easily report and manage costs in accordance with business ownership of the Cloud resources (cross-charging etc.)

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