Centralize your visibility of multi-cloud assets enterprise-wide. Communicate with meaningful dashboard reports for stakeholders to understand cloud costs and take accountability for resources. Measure usage, budget and forecast accurately, and identify wastage that can be optimized to reduce cloud costs.

Centralize Visibility

Vitado provides clarity over multi-cloud resources enterprise-wide, delivering the ‘big picture’ understanding of your AWS and Azure utilization and costs. With limitless ability to share and communicate information with stakeholders at all levels, Vitado helps to unify understanding and support autonomous, safe decision making from a ‘single source of the truth’ solution for cloud asset intelligence.

Understand Utilization

Vitado makes sense of cloud utilization at multiple levels, providing a complete strategic view of resources, specific resource types across cloud vendors, as well as stakeholder-specific visibility of usage to support better budget and forecasting.
With all the depth and detail on the metrics that matter, customizable thresholds can be set to highlight sources of excessive spending, so you can focus attention precisely where it’s needed most.

Strengthen Governance

Control is key and Vitado’s unique cloud policy builder enables you to build your standards and policies into your Vitado solution, so every time governance isn’t followed, you can be proactively alerted automatically. Limitless reporting and centralized, intuitive UI dashboards make it easy to control cloud assets everywhere and at scale.

Cloud Cost Management 

Visualize cloud costs both at scale and at line-of-business and stakeholder levels. Vitado supports cross-functional accountability for cloud resources and costs, providing a better user experience for technical and non-technical stakeholders to visualize and understand their resources and responsibilities. A centralized and accessible multi-cloud information source streamlines how FinOps teams can all access and share a common understanding of cloud assets, for better communication and management. 


Bring Your Own License, and incentives like the Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) can offer huge cost savings – as much as 85% off the running costs of your SQL and Windows Azure VMs. However, BYOL needs additional management to avoid potential compliance issues and penalties. Vitado on the Certero platform can unify software license optimization across both on-prem and cloud worlds, opening up huge cost-saving possibilities.

Optimize Cloud Spend

30% of cloud expenditure is usually wasted spend. Vitado opens up opportunities to identify and eradicate wasted resources, through a combination of policy enforcement, automated detection of uncontrolled cloud assets, and greater budget, forecasting, and utilization accuracy.

Cloud Spending Transparency

Vitado isn’t just a solution for cloud architects and technicians, it’s a single source of cloud asset intelligence that can be accessed directly by stakeholders across the business. Unifying understanding through an intuitive UI drives safer decision-making, agility, and autonomy.

"We estimate that wasted cloud spend will exceed $26.6 billion this year."

– Gartner

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