Mutli-Cloud Visibility

Centralize your view and demystify cloud management. Create meaningful dashboard reports to understand and communicate services, usage, and costs and support stakeholder accountability more efficiently across multi-cloud vendors and accounts.

A Single View of

Multi-Cloud Assets

Vitado pulls all your cloud accounts and environments together, creating clear, centralized visibility of your cloud resources everywhere. In addition, this unified cloud intelligence provides limitless, straightforward ways to reflect your business policies and structure. This visibility means that stakeholders across the business can access the precise information they need to be accountable for their specific resources and provide a global view of the cloud across the business at a strategic level.

Get the detail you need 

Vitado’s detailed cloud inventory and dashboard-style reporting means you can drill down into visual charts to get any level of detail you need from the data beneath. Data can be cut and sliced to view resources holistically by allocation, line-of-business, or individual stakeholder and track metrics over time to trend and forecast with accuracy and ease.

Visualize costs & allocations

See what you’re spending, where and by whom. Support resource ownership and financial accountability for cloud resources across the business by giving stakeholders the precise information they require to confidently manage their cloud assets and trend costs against budgets and forecasts.

Easily share limitless customizable dashboards, so whatever the task, the information you need is ready and waiting for you: support resource pools, cross-charging, and charge-back.

See opportunities to optimize

Cloud over-spending is estimated globally at 30%, and with many businesses struggling with visibility and governance, many are not yet effectively optimizing and reducing costs – especially where there is devolved accountability for resources across the business.

Vitado helps simplify cloud management at all levels and can visualize cloud usage and wastage at appropriate levels for stakeholders to act confidently to reduce wastage, driving pro-active and sustained optimization that saves you time and money.

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